Colocation Services

Coloblox offers locking 1/8 (5u), 1/4 (10u), 1/2 (21u) and full (42u) cabinets for colocation, each with their own secure locking compartments to ensure security. Coloblox engineers work with you to determine your needs of physical space, power and bandwidth and offer the flexibility to easily expand services as business grows. Each cabinet utilizes a combination lock to secure the front and rear doors, and for additional security cabinet door access sensors can be added for email alerts and logging anytime the cabinet doors are opened. Our cabinets are compatible with speed rails and devices that require square mounting holes, as well as traditional mounting methods.

Primary bandwidth service is provided by the Coloblox BGP blend with various options and tiers for access. Additionally secondary carrier options are available from various providers located in the Coloblox data centers and are best used with BGP multihoming to two or more networks. Coloblox welcomes client BGP peering with a minimum advertised prefix of /24 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6.

Cabinet colocation clients receive one free copper cross connect to our MMR for patching into any carrier POP or other client equipment. Fiber cross connects are available and are quoted on a case by case basis due to the varying distance and cable types.

Coloblox has over 300 strands of fiber available in several diverse entry points that can connect you to nearly any provider operating in Atlanta. Coloblox terminates fiber and copper cables to various cable vaults putting client splice points closer to the provider they choose to lower or eliminate their fiber build out costs.

Coloblox also has various options for clients to access our expansive roof space to deploy line of sight or satellite communication equipment. Coloblox staff members are experienced with FDMA and TDMA satellite systems and can assist with setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

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